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Frequently Asked Questions

Setting up Vonage

Q. Do I need broadband?

A. Yes. To use Vonage you'll need a broadband connection, a home phone, and a Vonage Box™ which we'll send to you when you sign up.

Q. Can I keep my number?

A. Most phone numbers can be transferred to Vonage. Click here for more information.

Q. What happens if I can't transfer my number?

A. You can still use Vonage's services as a second phone line.

Q. What if I want a number with an area code that is local to my home or business?

A. You can choose your area code and phone number on our Vonage Premium plan.

Q. How do I get to choose my area code?

A. Simply select the Vonage Premium plan and choose your area code and number in the checkout process.

Q. What is an '03' Number?

A. They differ from numbers beginning '01' and '02' in one important respect - they are non-geographic; that is to say an '03' number may be used anywhere in the UK.

Calls to '03' numbers are charged at standard UK National Rate - exactly the same cost as calls to numbers beginning '01' and '02'. Numbers beginning '03' are not premium rate numbers.

Q. Is it more expensive to call an '03' Number?

A. No. Calls to '03' Numbers are charged by all operators at exactly the same price as calls to '01' and '02' numbers.

Q. How long does it take to get installed?

A. We deliver your Vonage Box™ to you within 48 hours of you signing up. Then you simply plug in to your existing broadband and your standard home phone and you're able to make calls straight away.

Q. What does no line rental mean?

A. Unlike many landline phone providers, with Vonage you only pay for your call plan and any calls made outside the plan. There are no Vonage charges for line rental.

Q. Are there any cancellation fees?

A. See here for our activation and disconnection fees.

Q. What if I move?

A. Vonage moves with you. Just plug in your Vonage Box™ the same way, wherever you are. Your number stays the same and you'll carry on making calls with your plan.

Using Vonage

Q. What are the features?

A. Features are more than 20 options which help make your communications easier, most of which are inclusive so you don't have to pay extra. Check out our full range of calling features here.

Making Calls

Q. Which calls are unlimited?

A. With our unlimited* call plans you can make unlimited calls to UK landline numbers starting with 01, 02 and 03. You can also make unlimited calls to geographic landline numbers in other countries in our unlimited international calls plans and to mobiles where specified.

Q. How do I find out how much a call will cost?

A. You can check the rate for any call on any plan by going to our rates page.

Q. How much do calls to mobiles cost?

A. Calls to UK mobiles are dependent on your plan. You can check the rates for your chosen call plan here.

Q. How much do international calls cost?

A. With our unlimited* international call plans, many international landline and mobile numbers are included. You can check the rate for calling a particular country here.

Q. How much do calls to premium numbers such as 0845/0870 cost?

A. You do have to pay for calls to these types of numbers. Our rates are very competitive. Click here to search our rates to any UK number.

Q. What is a call set-up fee?

A. A call set-up fee is a small charge made for any call outside of your allowance. You are not charged a call set-up fee for any calls made which are included in your call plan.

Vonage Smartphone Apps

Q. How can I get the Vonage Extensions App?

A. The app is available from the Apple iTunes app store or Google Play store. The app requires either iOS 4.3 and above, or Android™ 2.2 or above and you must have a UK mobile number.

Q. Can I use the Extensions App on more than one smartphone?

A. You can use Extensions on up to two smartphones for each Vonage line.

Q. How do I make a call with the app?

A. Simply launch the app on your device and dial either using the dialler in the app or from your existing address book.

Q. How do I receive a call with the app?

A. All incoming calls will ring a phone connected to your Vonage box (when connected) and the Extensions app, so you can take the call wherever you are.

Q. Which phone number will be presented when I make a call from the app?

A. Calls made from the app will display your Vonage Telephone number. There is an option within the app to display your mobile number if preferred.

Q. Is there an extra charge for using Vonage Extensions?

A. There may be data charges from your mobile operator for using 3G/4G.

Q. Do I have to input my address book into the app?

A. No, the Vonage Extensions app automatically uses your existing address book on your smartphone.

Q. Can I use Vonage Extensions when I am out of the UK?

A. Yes you can. If you are connected to Wi-Fi, simply open the app and dial the number. If you are abroad and use Extensions over 3G/4G or GSM mobile networks, roaming charges may apply, please check with your mobile operator.

Q. Can I use Vonage Extensions on any other smartphone or landline?

A. You can make outbound calls using a UK number and unique access code which is available from your online account.

Q. What is the Vonage Mobile app?

A. The Vonage Mobile app allows you make app-to-app calls, texts and video calls free to anyone who had the app. You can also make free calls to Vonage users, and enjoy Vonage's great rates for calls to standard landline and mobile numbers.