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How to Establish A Dedicated Home Business Line

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Office Phone System For Small Business
After activating your Vonage account, you will need to setup your Vonage Box. This video will guide you through the initial setup process.

Office Phone System For Small Business Video Transcript

Vonage Multiline is a simple, cost effective office phone solution perfect for small businesses. It has all of the features you would expect from a quality business communications service, but there are no maintenance fees and very low call costs. It's a big business solution for a small business price.

Unlike a traditional office phone system, which is installed in your office, Vonage Multiline operates on a Cloud based switchboard. So there's no need for a big phone system or server in your office. It connects to the Cloud via a secure internet connection, so there's no need to pay for or wait for an engineer to install a physical switchboard system or phone network on the premises. Handsets come fully configured. All you have to do is connect the handset to your broadband connection and start calling.

But should you need any assistance we're just a phone call away. It's a fully scalable service, so if the 3 employees you have today grow into 13 in a year’s time, it's not a problem. You simply pay a low monthly fee for each extension as you bring more staff on board. What's more, the service comes fully featured with features such as auto attendant, call forwarding, and call hunt. You can find a full list of features on our website.

So if you're looking for a low cost flexible office phone solution that can adapt with your changing business needs, then contact us today at www.vonageforhome.co.uk.

Vonage Business Cloud

A business phone system packed with clever to help your business grow.