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Plans tailored to meet your needs; whether you only call within the U.K. or abroad too.


Home phone plans starting at

£6.99/month inc. VAT. High-speed internet required.

Existing high-speed internet is required.

Vonage Box™ is included.

Setting up your Vonage Box™ is easy to do yourself.

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Setup is a breeze

Just follow these three easy steps to start calling with your Vonage phone in no time.

1) Plug in your Vonage Box™ to a high-speed internet router.

2) Plug your home phone into the Vonage Box™.

3) Start calling with your Vonage phone!


Features you'll love

Vonage® Extensions® App

Take your Vonage number anywhere you use your smartphone. Learn more
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Vonage® SimulRing®

Don't have a smartphone? Or need more than three smartphones to ring? Learn more

Vonage Voicemail Plus

Listen to your messages or get them delivered to your e-mail. Learn more

Vonage® boomerang™

The end of international “call me back” insanity. Learn more

And more! Explore the 20+ features available to enhance your Vonage for Home service. Learn more.


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