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Vonage® boomerang™

Get in touch with friends and family around the world faster and more easily with this cool feature that’s included with your Vonage plan!


Log in to your Vonage® Extensions® App and choose the numbers you want to add to boomerang™. Then, whenever your selected contacts call, Vonage answers and asks that they hang up. Once they do, we connect you both automatically using YOUR Vonage number, at no charge to them!

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Catch up with your international loved ones

Choose the loved ones you want to add to boomerang™ via the Vonage® Extensions® app. Enjoy automatic connections via your Vonage number when boomerang™ contacts call.

You don't need to be at home

Calls from them to your Vonage number will ring your home phone and your mobile devices with the app. Use boomerang™ on smartphones or landlines, just like you’re making a normal call. Answer calls from almost anywhere using Wi-Fi or cellular data (standard data rates apply).

Save your international loves ones money

All phone charges are applied to your Vonage account.