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Use your Vonage Box™ Abroad

Fully portable. No hidden fees. No fuss. When using Vonage Abroad, you benefit by receiving calls on a U.K. number and making calls on a U.K. call plan.

Equipment may vary.

You are responsible for compliance with the laws of any country where the Vonage Box™ may be used. Do not use the adapter where prohibited by law.

Why not take your Vonage Box™ with you when you travel or send it to family abroad?

Calls to a Vonage box abroad from a UK landline or mobile are charged at standard landline calling rates. That means you can send a Vonage box to any country in the world and call it from your mobile or landline for your standard calling rate.

Easy and affordable to save money.

And if you're a Vonage customer using a Vonage Box in the UK, calls to a Vonage box abroad are always included. Calls from a Vonage box abroad can have a UK call plan. So they can all the advantages of unlimited* calling.