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Promontory Case Study

Learn why Promontory changed to Vonage

Scott Garrett and Penny Aston founded Promontory in 2007 to explore the commercial benefits from a motivated and engaged workforce. Based in Oxford, they are a small management consultancy that helps client companies of all sizes manage change, improve the performance of their people and communicate clearly to their stakeholders. Their flagship Strategic Narrative product brings strategy to life through the medium of storytelling. Their aim is to unite employees behind a common purpose, and make change happen.

It was a no-brainer to ask Vonage to be our telecommunications partner.

Scott Garrett and Penny Aston, Co-founders
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Like many small businesses, they started from a home office, at first sharing the home number and then getting a second line. They tried out one service whereby their mobiles and landlines would link seamlessly and clients could always reach them. The system constantly failed, and the poor customer service and inefficiencies inhibited their day-to-day work.

They discovered they had 8 telephone lines connected to their account. Two weeks after reporting this to the provider, they received a letter telling them they'd be cut off unless they called customer service before noon that day. They called at 10am, only to find that they'd already been disconnected.

Following this incident, they were without landlines for nearly six months. They called their provider's call centre so many times that they reached the same person on numerous occasions. Given there are 3000 personnel in that centre, this is quite a feat.


Scott and Penny resolved to leave their previous providers and find a new way forward for both their home and business phone lines. This quest led them to Vonage, which was recommended by their domestic internet provider, Gigaclear. "Great advice," they remember, "and we've never looked back."

Vonage set them up with two VOIP lines at home in no time at all. As the business expanded, they moved out of home and into offices in Oxford. They said, "It was a no-brainer to ask Vonage to be our telecommunications partner."

They started with a single Premium Unlimited plan at home, because it's easy and predictable with no hidden charges. They added the same package to the business line at home, and now have a third line at the office.


The Vonage system is cheaper than other providers, but – more importantly – it's clearer and more transparent. "Somehow it seems more honest." The Promontory team finds account management online easy (as opposed to unbelievably complicated systems encountered with other providers), which means they always know how much their bill will be.

The visual voicemail feature is also very helpful for Promontory - it's a great way of leaving themselves email messages when out on the road.

They are also big fans of the SimulRing feature, because it means that both home office and work office lines ring irrespective of which number a client calls. It means they're rarely out of touch.

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